Exclusive Price: Rs. 25000


Introducing a sleek and ergonomic printer to go with your Launch Diagnostic Pad or Tablet- and the best part - its wireless to the scan tool! Print codes and their definitions, along with live data, coding information and relearn procedures - any screen that has a Print button can now be printed! The Wi-Fi Mini Printer fits right in your pocket and makes printing fast and easy!


  • Print Wirelessly From Your Launch Pad II or Tablet With Ease!
  • Print Codes, Code Denitions, Module Information,Live Data, Coding Information, & Diagnostic Procedures!
  • Highly Portable, Sleek , Ergonomic, & Lightweight, Design - Fits Right
  • In Your Pocket! Includes Thermal Paper, Charger & Form Fitting Storage Box
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery - Lasts Days On A Single Charge
  • Automatic Battery Charge Indicator
  • Autoload & Feed Printer Design
  • Ultra-Fast Printing Capabilities

  • Exclusive Price: Rs. 25000

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