ALL Beware Counterfeit Launch tools

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Owing to the efficient and reliable performance of the X-431 tools, the market is in constant demand for this scanners. Banking on this opportunity, some fraudsters are manufacturing and supplying the pirated/illegal versions of the X-431 scanners. They sell those pirated devices without proper Authorisations from Launch Tech Co Ltd authorization. Also, those devices are altered and modified by them and thus those units cannot be updated and serviced by authorized Launch branches. Their software upgrade and warranty service are rendered void and they have also caused serious damages to the vehicles that they scan.

Keeping in mind the long-term benefits of yourself, we advise you to stay away from those pirated versions of the X431 Scanners. The price of those pirated versions might be less but when you consider the maintenance charge that they consumed after some time, you would be eventually entering into a deal of loss. We suggest to our esteemed customers to report any pirated selling within your vicinity of knowledge. Launch Tech Co Ltd reserves all rights take a legal action against them with the strictest code of law.

Below mentioned are some of the problems mentioned by our customers when they used the illegal/pirated versions of Scanners:

  • The chip that stores serial number information have been found tempered or replaced.
  • The serial number of the diagnostic box was changed and hence the hardware and software mismatched.
  • The PCA located in the Power Board was replaced by a cheap one that could damage the vehicle's electronics equipment.
  • The original language was found to be changed to hide the country in which the scanner was manufactured.
  • The diagnostic software on which the scanner runs was found to purchased via illegal channels. This caused the failures in many vehicles that the scanner scanned.
  • The Super 16 connectors were manufactured by someone other than launch and hence it leads to incorrect configuration.
  • Such devices which are tampered/illegal/pirated might not be provided the service, upgrade or maintenance support.
  • Any such illegal/pirated products would be confiscated by Launch and destroyed if it is submitted for Service.

This type of illegal/pirated versions is mostly sold by unauthorized dealers or from Launch recommends that every customer should buy the X-431 scanners from the legal channels and authorized dealers. We have official Launch INDIA shop on our website:

Thank you.