EB240 EV Battery Pack Cell Equalizer

Exclusive Price: Rs. 80000


It is used to quickly solve cruising range degradation caused by the difference in cell capacity due to inconsistent cell voltages. It has the characteristics simple operation, stable performance, strong anti harmonic ability and convenient carrying. It can be applied to power battery production, new energy vehicle enterprise R&D, new energy battery pack maintenance and other scenarios.


  • Capable of simultaneously balancing up to 24 battery cells.
  • Compatible with all common types of lithium-ion batteries available in the market.
  • Intelligent balancing function allows individual balancing of battery cells within a battery module, preventing overcharging or over-discharging of individual cells.


  • Balancing Maintenance: Supports charging, discharging, and balancing modes for lithium-ion batteries like ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, and lithium manganese.
  • Parameter Configuration: Pre-settable work modes, battery types, voltage thresholds, operating currents, cell series numbers, and other parameters.
  • Multiple Protections: Supports overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit, reverse polarity protection, and overheat protection.
  • Data Visualization: Real-time monitoring of voltage, current, charge-discharge status, and capacity of individual cells during the balancing process.
  • Data Analysis: Automatically stores historical balancing records, supports data presentation in both graph and bar chart formats.
  • Data Export: Historical data can be exported to a USB drive as Excel files.

Configuration Instructions

Power Input - AC90264V/4060Hz
Power - 600W Max
Charge and Discharge Voltage Range - 1.84.2V
Voltage Detection Accuracy - 士0.1% FS2±mV (maximum range 5V)
Charge and Discharge Current Range - 0.15A Max
Current Detection Accuracy - 土1% FS+0.05A (maximum range 5A)
Battery Temperature Detection Accuracy - 士2°C(-25C 85°C)
Discharge Mode - Constant current discharging + constant voltage discharging
Protection Function - Input over-current protection, over-voltage protection, output over-current protection, over-temperature protection
Wireless Communication - WiFi and BT(external WiFi antenna)
Equalize Number of Channels - 2X12Pin
Equalize Interface - 16Pin
Battery Interface - 24Pin
Display - 7-inch TFT LCD screen,resolution 1024X600
Communication Interface - SMA,USB-Device
Charge Control - Constant current charging+constant voltage charging

Exclusive Price: Rs. 80000

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